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Digital Training Offers

In addition to our range of information here on the website, we also offer other digital training options as part of the ExAcT course program. You can register in the event database of personnel development.

If you would like to revise and develop your teaching concepts, visit our workshop on structured, goal-oriented and didactically meaningful design of your online teaching: "Digital Teaching and Learning - design didactically sensible

Learn in our workshop "Online teaching: moderation and interaction in web conferences", how you can professionalize your online presence and how emerging challenges can be to your advantage.

Are you interested in a digital exchange about your course design among colleagues in the form of a peer-to-peer consultation or would you like our digitalTAP to evaluate your new teaching concept? Then write us an email to

RWTHmoodle is the central web-based teaching and learning platform of RWTH Aachen University. Moodle offers virtual classrooms where lecturers provide material and many different activities for communication, collaboration and self-study. Students can use moodle courses at any time and place at their own learning requirements. In the following, you find several guidelines for different RWTHmoodle functions.

Your lectures have already been recorded during past semesters? You could use these recordings in the current situation! Please provide these recordings for your current group of students, e.g. using RWTHmoodle.

If required, please apply for the required zoom license(s) for your lecture(s) via

Due to the current development regarding the CoVid19 pandemia, RWTH Aachen University acquired licenses for Zoom video conferences. There are different solutions for different group sizes.

Please also note our Data protection declarations and other information documents on legal aspects.

Here you can find more interesting and useful links for the us of Zoom:

Below you will find legal information that should be observed in teaching when using the video conference system Zoom.

In any case, please note the regulations for copyright:

In any case, please note the regulations on copyright:

The Deans of Study collect the license requests and pass these on to the CLS. Please contact the Dean of Study of your faculty to find out which licenses are suitable for your course. At first, please do not contact us directly, as we need to focus on supporting you using the software. 

Using Camtasia, you can easily record screencasts. You can embed these into your RWTHmoodle space, for instance. Camtasia does not limit participant numbers, as opposed to Zoom.

Folgende Videos sind für die Aufzeichnung von Lehrveranstaltung besonders relevant:

The following video instructions are especially important for the recording of lectures:

If neather a video conference nor a screencast is the right format for your course, it can also be recorded as a video. Please note that ressources here are strongly limited. Please discuss with the Dean of Study of your faculty if video recording is an option for you. He or she will pass the request on to CLS using these contact details .

Here, you can find all information on the current developments regarding corona virus at RWTH Aachen University:

Here, you find the website of RWTH Aachen University IT Center: